Sr. Solutions & Business Intelligence Architect

Dell Boomi, Birst BI, WebFocus, Tableau, SAP, SAP-HR, SFDC, ELOQUA

Renesas Electronics America

Santa Clara, CA

09/2011 to 01/2016

In 2011 as a Sr Lead Business Intelligence consultant responsible for building out a new Sales Reps reporting system. The requirements of the system were such that Sales Reps could login to the system and see only their unique sales data based on custom geography. The second main feature is that they can extend their own reports with custom subject areas. In addition, built several data cubes (star schema) to assist in multi-dimensional reporting using Birst. Additionally, I was brought on as a full-time resource to manage three key projects.

  -    Redesigning their BI system to be more scalable, increasing performance and lowering total cost per user.

  -    Integrate Sales Reps dashboard with customized Team Builder application for managing Sales Reps Sales Offices and Custom Territories.

  -    Maintained existing Data Migrator integrations for hundreds of ETL processes.

The company direction changed to reduce cost and we brought in Dell Boomi cloud Integration tool and reduce cost and optimized and improve existing ETL services and train the offshore team to minimize risk. After optimization, we went from almost 150+ integrations and streamlined to 80+ cloud integrations. I have a write-up in Dell's website for our Boomi Integrations.

After we released the new Sales Reps Dashboard, which was a major success. My management responsibilities included five key service components for our IT organization (Reporting, Development, Integrations, Quality, and Databases). My organization size floated between 14-17 people. I reduced the onshore headcount thus increasing the offshore headcount and streamlined our operational and support processes and procedures.

Assisted IT Director with Data Center move project which saved OSC company 8M+ operating cost. Another goal I was chartered with at the same time as the move was occurring was to reduce system cost for Reporting, Integrations and Database services. This was accomplished by moving to cloud-based systems for BI and Integrations. Migrations from Oracle to SQL reduced database services by $750K and saved $350K by implementing a new cloud based BI platform. There are many accomplishments of which I’m proud, however, three of them crescendoed to the top.

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