Sr. Solutions Architect

PHP, Google Speech API, Golang, PostgreSQL, iSpeech API

NuuED Inc.

Mountain View, CA

01/2016 to 01/2018

My role with NuuED was to help them in startup mode by designing and implementing a cloud infrastructure to run their progressive web application. Designed and implemented a robust database model to support scalability for estimated user load for the demo application. Created user interface, application flow and functionality of their custom web application designed to understand the individual learning personality of a learner and provide content, products, and resources to the learner.

This progressive web application utilizes an image-based assessment to create a baseline where we can tailor content that to meet your learning style and personality type. The app also has a Reading Assessment component that’s based on their Learning Personality and allows the learners to read a completed assessment sentence directly into the application, then the user has the option to record the sentence and playback to hear their recorded voice.

They are local as well as remote teams working on designing and building this application. I directly interface with the CEO and Advisor. We are currently using Confluence and Jira to manage this agile development environment. The platform and architecture of this system is a SaaS application is designed and built as a web application that will run on desktops and mobile devices. It’s built on PHP/Laravel frameworks, with a MySQL database in the Google Cloud.

The application has a Parent/Teacher Dashboard that I architected to support Parents and Teachers. The Dashboard for Teachers gives them the ability to get class distribution based on the students unique Learning Personality. It provides them with a history timeline view of a students’ Learning Personality from baseline. It also provides the parent/teacher with a reading improvement Level Up comparison charts that compare current vs the previous level up, showing how long it took to level up and percentage completion scores per each test.

I designed and architected a Looker BI dashboard solution for NuuED. The need was to provide analytics from a six-week study which was executed in the Vallejo City School District. The goal was to provide several visualizations based on the data captured from the study and build a story with multiple dashboards that outline the reading improvement and use of the application that was tested. Learners within the study period achieved a 70% increase after applying what they learned from using the application and service platform.

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