Sr. Business Systems Lead Engineer

Python, Python/Django

Intuitive Surgical

Sunnyvale, CA

09/2020 to Present

Hired to lead Intuitive Surgical team to build various custom log parsing projects within their DM group. The initial project was to develop a customized log parser able to parse text and csv files based on a certain subset of rules. The parser rules engine supported over 50+ customized rules for CSV, Text and Log files created by various systems. The application was created using Python 3.8.

Architect and developed customized HTML Web Parser that will parse hundreds of HTML logs based on a specific set of rules. The HTML parser is designed to produce a collection of output summary and detail files that will help the Vetting team diagnose and resolve system-wide issues. This parser was developed with Python and BeautifulSoup.

Designed and developed a robust Utf-8 Encoder application using Python that the team will utilize to convert thousands of files into the proper encoding type. Develop logic that will dynamically allow the application to identify the correct type of encoding prior to opening the file for write operations.

Designed and developed custom Compare Files utility application that allows the user to provide dual input files that will be compared for matches and no-matches. This utility was developed with Python.

Created Vetting Parser application tool designed read, parse and update Excel formatted files and produce a collection of summarized output and detail files for review by the Vetting Team. This utility was designed to handle hundreds of tabs per excel file and apply specific rules per excel doctype. This utility was developed with Python.

Converted multiple application written in Python 2.7 to Python 3.8. Several challenges were presented where the Python 2to3 conversion tool was not able to distinctively make all the correct changes and custom coding was used to upgrade to Python 3.8.


  -    Upgraded Python/Django ALM Project application from version 2.1 to 3.3

  -    Setup Git Repository to work with Bitbucket and migrate existing repositories

  -    Setup standard Python Virtual Environment for development team

  -    Implement Docker environment to support different version of Python development

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