Sr. Solutions Architect & Director

Python/Django, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Watson Analytics, Golang, C#

DWTI Dataware Technology, LLC

San Ramon, CA

01/2018 to 08/2018

Worked for DWTI as their Sr. Solutions Architect and acting Director of Technology. They are a cloud-based technology solutions provider.

Developed POC application for a DeFi Blockchain project, where client was interested in creating a customized ERC20 Token that would exist on the Ethereum Blockchain. Used Truffle framework and Solidity programming language along with React for the frontend code. Utility DWTI’s platform for hosting and modeling Graph Data to support Data Analytics.

Designed an MVP application for a new potential customer. Requirements are to process, read, transform, and transfer Outlook OST and CSV files directly to the backend service for loading. Phase two included designing backend Micro Service using Golang. Build Graph Data Modeling to support known entity types. Use Neo4j Graph Database Platform and standard APOC procedures for loading CSV and JSON datasets.

Dole Ocean Cargo Express – Maintain website for DOCE. Update Sailing and Shipping schedules in backend SQL Server Database. Updated C# and JavaScript code where necessary. Architected and designed a method to reverse engineer a sales management web application and make key strategic changes based on new requirements. Development platform was C# and .NET, Reverse Engineering Project

Maintained and enhanced SQL Server backend database, containing sailing and shipping schedules. Designed scripts and procedures to update custom shipping and route tables.

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