Sr. Global Solutions Architect & IT Manager

Python, Python/Django, JavaScript, PostgreSQL

Blaize, Inc.

Campbell, CA

08/2018 to 05/2020

I started consulting for Thinci, now Blaize, as their Senior Global IT Solutions Architect Consultant. Then was promoted to managing 7 regional locations and 3 data centers. In the first 6 months, I architected, designed, and implemented NexGen ESP, which consisted of 3 major SaaS applications running in our on-prem AWS Blaize network. Managed Gitlab and Confluence Datacenter on-prem in AWS cloud. Managed and oversaw the development of custom code for cloud-based Office 365 and MS Azure Active Directory.

In November 2019, oversaw Blaize migration to a new domain, consisting of 8+ major systems on-prem and cloud-a based. Integration of customized Okta SSO for Blaize with custom BambooHR integration. Created Office 365 sandbox for integration testing of Okta. Integrated Slack, Confluence, Openpath with Blaize Okta platform.

Architected, managed, and designed the build-out of a production and non-prod VPC network configuration for Blaize. Managed Office 365 tenant globally. Implemented ATP and MS Project Plan 3 Oversaw custom PowerShell scripts implementation to manage Office 365 and Azure Active Directory environments.

Lead architect responsible for building our TISD Helpdesk portal for Blaize IT, using Jira helpdesk. Architected and implemented new site in Cary, NC for Research & Development and Deep Learning AI team. Initially, configured as half-rack with Meraki, Dell, and Lambda Labs Deep Learning system. Expanded site to full-cabinet rack to scale existing system.

Setup Azure network to support training workloads for the AI Studio Team. Several instances running Kubernetes clusters and customized workloads.

Designed graph database to track Blaize IT’s Engineering Compute infrastructure and processes. Built Neo4j graph database, importing CSV files, containing collected information. Designed Node.js front-end with CRUD functionality for BPDB. Application designed to run in Blaize AWS network, internal with access behind VPN gateway.

VP of Engineering request that I lead development of Database application for Blaize. This application manages their products relating to Chips, Boards and Systems. A custom-built web-application design using Python and Django web framework with a PostgreSQL RDBMS Database system. The application is designed to run securely in our production AWS on-prem network, with a Quality and Development segment in AWS non-prod environment.

  -    Managed/Configured Firewalls, Switches, VPN, Private Tunnels

  -    Implemented Bamboo, Okta, Confluence and Office 365 Integration

  -    Designed and Implemented new remote site for AI Studio team

  -    Developed Parts Database web application

  -    Designed, managed and scaled AWS network, on-prem applications and SaaS management of cloud applications

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